CTS Meeting Highlights

December 16, 2015

Securing Technology Items

Please make sure to secure all technology items during the Holiday break.

  • Bring in laptop carts from portable buildings
  • Bring in presentation carts from portable buildings
  • Bring in desktop computers from portable buildings
  • Move laptop carts that are located in the outer rooms of the building to the lab or an internal room.

iPad Carts

iPad carts have been delivered to campuses. It may be the middle of January before we can push out more apps out to these iPads. Also, if you have any of the black and yellow totes used to deliver these iPads please let your campus technician know so these can be picked up.

If you come across any apps that open and immediately close on you. Please submit a work order. Be sure to use 7-iPad Apps in the work order system. Include the name of the app and the cart number.

Promethean and Promethean Work Orders

Before you leave for the Holiday break. Please walk your campus and make sure that all Promethean projectors are turned off. This will help prevent some of the problems we normally have.

As you know David Corona is no longer with our department. Work orders for Promethean problems should be submitted to your campus technician first. Ryan will only be handling the shipping and receiving of warranty parts.

Office 365

Staff members will start being moved to Office 365 during the Holiday break. You will be able to download 10 copies of Office free with your Office 365 account. If a staff member leaves the district the licenses will automatically be pulled from the devices. The mail box limit for this account is 50GB, this limit is set by Microsoft and can not be changed.

Please use the instructions in this link to help staff members setup email on their mobile devices https://www.smore.com/yv1yc.

iPad App Process and Procedures

After the first of the year we will be able to push apps directly to shared devices. This will eliminate the need for you to touch every device to install additional apps. To receive the app the iPad must be connected to Wifi.

Attached is the process for teachers to purchase apps. Please make sure to share this with your teachers who have shared iPads in their classrooms. http://gccisdipad.weebly.com/shared-ipad-information.html

Work Orders to Prime

If you have submitted a work order to Prime and this work order has resulted in a quote being generated. Your campus needs to make a quick decision on if the quote will be paid. If your campus decides not to repair the equipment, please respond to Prime so the equipment can be returned to the district and the work order can be closed. If not repaired the equipment should be returned to TMS so we can determine what to do with it.