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September 3, 2021

A Note from Mrs. Hoke

Hello Penny Road Families,

Yay! we have made it through the first two weeks of school. EVERYONE deserves a big pat on the back!

Morning Carpool Arrival

For those of you who drop your children off at morning carpool, we would like to ask for your assistance in order to make the line move more efficiently and keep your children safe.

1. Please drive all the way up to begin drop-off at the LAST adult (Mrs. Ross).

2. Your child may get out of the car once you are on the bumper-to-bumper line stopped between the 3 adults stationed.

3. Please have your child ready to leave your car with masks on and bags nearby.

4. If possible, please have your child exit the car on the curbside.

5. Please remain in your car.

Again, in efforts to make morning carpool most efficient and safe, we thank you in advance for your cooperation and consideration.

Parents, enjoy your weekend and we will see everyone on Wednesday, September 8th.

HEPA Filters

In an effort to enhance Covid safety at Penny Road Elementary, we are organizing a parent-led effort to purchase HEPA filters for classrooms and common areas within the school.

While WCPSS has installed MERV 13 filters in schools across the county, these filters only remove approximately 58% of the aerosols containing the virus. Proper masking reduces the risk of virus transmission by approximately 50%. Combined with HEPA filters in the classroom, the overall risk reduction is greater than 90%. However, at the moment, there is no district-wide initiative to purchase HEPA filters for classrooms, and this is why we are asking for everyone's help.

All contributions will be collected through a Go Fund Me account that has been established by parents.

Any small contribution counts! Although these units are expensive (ranging from U$300-600), if each family could contribute we hope to cover most of the school. Given the rapid spread of COVID-19 in the community, we are hoping to get most of the donations within the next 2 weeks, by September 17.

If you have any questions, please contact Adriana de Souza e Silva (


Penny Road Parents

Important Upcoming Dates

Monday, September 6th - No School - Labor Day
Tuesday, September 7th - No School - Teacher Work Day
Thursday, September 16th - No School - Teacher Work Day

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Volunteer Registration

WCPSS has moved to a new vendor, CastleBranch, for completing criminal record checks for all volunteers that will be working with students and staff on and off campus.

Each school has a volunteer coordinator that will work with applicants to have their criminal background check completed and their volunteer approval processed. Penny Road’s volunteer coordinator is Michele Valvano.

The steps for volunteer approval are as follows:

  1. The volunteer will email the school coordinator,, and request a volunteer application.

  2. Michele will email the applicant an Electronic Invitation (Evite) to complete and their criminal background check will begin processing. Volunteers are no longer required to register on campus and can now use any computer, ipad or phone to apply.

  3. The approval process takes approximately 5 business days after the application is submitted.

  4. The applicant will receive emailed notification from the WCPSS HR department of their approval or denial.

Join Us!

Have you considered joining the PTA?

  • There are several reasons to join the PTA:
    • The overall purpose of PTA is to make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children.
    • Our school PTA works to promote programs for all children in our school through art and education-based events. In addition, our PTA works to fundraise throughout the year to fund opportunities to further enrich the learning experience at PRE.
    • This year we will be hosting general meetings both in-person (following Covid protocols from school and county) and will be allowing people to participate virtually using Google call.
    • To join our school PTA (which also gives you access to WakePTA and National PTA), visit:

Consumer Rewards

It is time to check on your consumer rewards accounts and make sure they are up to date. This is a quick and easy way to help support Penny Road Elementary.

Harris Teeter- make sure to link your Harris Teeter VIC Card online or in the store.

To do this online:

- login on to your account

- Find: Together in Education

- Look for the Current Schools you are linked to.

- Make sure to type in Penny Road Elementary School/ 1871/


Amazon Smile- make sure to relink your account with the PRE PTA organization

To do this:

- login to your account


- look for AMAZONSMILE

- Choose your charity: Penny Road Elementary School PTA, Location:

Cary, NC

We Need You!

Please consider volunteering at PRE. All are welcome. To kick off the year, we are specifically recruiting volunteers for the following positions:

Community Sponsorship Chairperson/ Committee

  • The Community Sponsorship Chairperson/ Committee works with the Spring Carnival Chairs to solicit community involvement for sponsorship for general needs and for the Spring Carnival.
    • Time Commitment: This committee is most busy in the summer putting together a list of companies to solicit to be involved as a sponsor. Follow-up calls and sending letters to current sponsors and new sponsors.
    • For 2021-2022: available
    • Works directly with the VP of Fundraising

Consumer Rewards Chairperson/ Committee

  • The Consumer Rewards Chairperson/ Committee manages the fundraising by means of grocery store loyalty programs, Amazon Smile, R City Rocks, Box Tops for Education, and more. The Chairperson/ Committee works to promote this fundraising throughout the year by encouraging people to enroll in loyalty programs, holding box top contests, etc.
    • Time Commitment: works throughout the year but can generally be managed via email and efforts at home. Ex: If a need arises to collect Box Tops, the Chairperson/ Committee can arrange via VP of Fundraising ways to collect during the school year
    • For 2021-2022: available
    • Works directly with the VP of Fundraising and the VP of Communication

Yearbook Chairperson/ Committee

  • The Yearbook Chairperson and/or Committee will work together to create and manage the yearbook for the school. This involves coordinating with the school office on picture day to make sure that the school clubs get pictures and soliciting pictures from teachers/ staff and room parents of happenings around the school to include in the yearbook.
    • Time Commitment: works throughout the year to coordinate with administration on obtaining photos of activities around school. Coordinates with the contact who is contracted to take school pictures to put together the yearbook. Would work with families of 5th-grade students for dedications.
    • For 2021-2022: available
    • Works directly with the VP of Communication and school staff

Stay Connected

  • Make sure to Like and Follow the Penny Road Elementary PTA Facebook page at: We will primarily be using the Panda Pulse and the PRE PTA Facebook page to communicate with you this upcoming school year.
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