Creech Road Elementary

Friday Institute Professional Learning

Today's Goals

Participants will…

  • understand TPaCK framework

  • identify a TPaCK centered lesson by identifying non-examples

  • explore tools that can be used to support content (socrative, videolicious, & QR codes)

  • create their own TPaCK centered lessons

QR Codes Ice-Breaker

What is TPACK?

Quick Quiz

Your Turn!

Using a Google Doc (or anything else that you can provide a link to), create a quick plan for a lesson which 1) centers on a CCSS, Essential, or other standard; 2) includes a strong and varied pedagogical approach; and 3) incorporates the use of one of the tools we've seen today (viz. QR codes / scanners, Socrative, and Videolicious).

Use the link below to add your link to the list.


Please copy and paste the following link into your browser to take a brief survey which will help us plan as we move forward.

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Additional Resources

A Cleaner Web | iPhone, iPod and iPad apps as well as browser extensions that declutter the YouTube video viewing experience. Also Check out QuietTube

Vocaroo | Free audio recorder that makes a URL from a recording.

InfuseLearning | Socrative 2.0

Hemingway | Identify and change the reading level of a text.

NewsELA | Change the reading the non-fiction articles.