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Week beginning 24th June

Thank you

As we head towards the end of the year there are many people that we need to thank for all their support over the past school year. Firstly, a huge thank you to all those wonderful parents who help us every single week; without you our children would not have got their hands on books such as Pete the Cat or Capture the Flag quite so quickly. Wrapping books and attaching spine labels is not a glamorous job but someone has to do it. Because we have such fantastic parents at QBS the library team are able to focus on the children and don't need to worry so much about prepping books. Thank you!

I would also like to thank our whole community for supporting our children with their reading. In a recent survey over 95% of our children said they loved reading. This is a testament not only to QBS but to our parental body who encourage and motivate their children to read. Thank you and happy holidays.

And finally we should thank the children for being so enthusiastic about books and our Learning Centre. So many of them love to read and are now reading quality fiction and non fiction. Hopefully they will continue to read over the holidays and embark on some really exciting reading adventures.

Why you and your child should read together everyday.

So here are some key statistics to make you think.

  • “For every year you read with your child, average lifetime earnings increase by $50,000. You make a $250,000 gift to your child from birth to age five by reading aloud, just 20 minutes a day!” (http://www.readingfoundation.org/parents.jsp)
  • Studies have proven that increased family engagement in educational programs is linked with increases in child reading achievement and other academic successes (such as high school graduation rates.) (Pre-K Now)

Don't forget it is also an enjoyable way to spend time with your child. Yes, you will help build their vocabulary. Yes, you will be developing their comprehension. However, most importantly you will be demonstrating that you value reading and that it is an enjoyable way to spend your time.
Try and find some time everyday to share a book with your child, the benefits are boundless.

Remember to take a look at these lists when you need something new to read.

Here are some fabulous lists of books that you might want to jump into over the summer.

Children aged 5 to 7

Children aged 8 to 10.

Children aged 11 to 13

Have fun and enjoy.

Book apps for the ipad

Take a look at these fantastic book apps. The won't take up too much room in your suitcase if you are traveling.

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