Fantastic 5th

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Find The Face

This week's face is ;D

Humor Hour

Why are frogs always so happy? Because they eat whatever bugs them!

Why were the teachers eyes crossed? Because she couldn´t control her pupils!

Class Gallery

What's Coming

Be ready for K-PREP!

Royal Riddles

Marry's father has 5 daughters.

1. Mala

2. Milli

3. Mele

4. Molo

What is the name of the fifth daughter?

Happy Birthday to Me

Big picture
Savannah Duncan March 19

Bradley Higgins March 28

Jake Mahler March 24

Taylor Pennington March 4

Bella Cron March 3

Royal Riddle Answers


Student Spotlight

Solomon Weiss was interviewed at WBKO for the Logan County Musical Willy Wonka.

Thanks For Reading

Thank you for reading this tri-month newsletter. It should have been one, two at the most, we are sorry for the inconvenience . Thank you for your patience and we hope you have a nice day.

~Sincerely, Solomon, Drew, Briahna, and Anistyn :)