iGCDP UNAM Opportunities.

LC UNAM, Mexico City.

Here you find our Opportunities for Winter Peak.

We are very please to send our booklet to you in order to create partnerships and cooperations,
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Thanks for being interest in our beloved LC UNAM, held by the biggest and most important university in Latinamerica Region.

Our projects are...

Global Leadership School

Issue: Education, Leadership, Cross Cultural Dialogues.

G.L.S is about delivering workshops about 4 main topics ( leadership, sustaintability, entrepreneurship and creative thinking) to 7-12 and 12-17 years old.

Children are from private schools, we want them to generate new ideas and to seek better ways of doing things and solutions that make them think "outside the box".

Workshops are about to share different thoughts creating a multiculturalism that encourages children to be better people and change agents


SSU_Vive Saludable

Issue: Health, Food and Nutrition.

Vive Saludable ( VISA) is a project which objecive is to reduce obesity levels in mexican children through our workshops, divided in one theorical agenda with nutrition and health information and a physical one, promoting a healthy lifestyle



Issue: Leadership, Education, Languages.

Both of our Languages Projects objectives are to improve the language fluency through sharing their cultures following a relevant agenda about amazing topics such as leadership, business, etc delivered to university students.

My Language Buddy is focused on 1-6 students while Sharing Languages are for 6-10 students.

Languages we are looking for are:
  • english
  • french
  • german
  • italian
  • chinese
  • russian





This initiative is focusing in delivering science workshops for 6-12 children with the objective of creating an interest at a young age in this fields. The workshops are diverse.

If you want more information, please send us email!

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Global Citizen

Global Citizen is focusing on giving opportunities for EPs in relevant NGOs and Civil Associations. Right now, our Opportunities in this project are:

ProNiños De la Calle
MKT and Management task at this Association which helps poor kids in street situation.

Casa de la Amistad Para Niños con Cáncer.
Educational and psychological assistance in this center which mission is to help to recover kids with cancer.

LEX Hippo Multilanguage Club.
Interns will act as assistant national program coordinators and collaborate with Hippo's workers at the office and Helping collect and review delegate applications-Participate in Hippo groups-group sharing cultural experiences-helping in spring inbound and outbound exchange programs.

Also, Participating in preparation meetings, workshops, and orientations related with Hippo Multilingual Languages Clubs.
-Giving presentations on culture from their own country.

What do we offer?

  • EP Buddy for anything you need or want to know.
  • Accomodation ( Host Family) during all your intership.
  • Transportation/meal allowance.
  • Incoming Preparation Seminar.

Elizabeth Diaz, VP iGCDP UNAM, MX.

In any doubt please send me email (edzna.diaz@aiesec.net), or to proyectos.unam@aiesec.org.mx