Nolan Space Group


Travel to Pluto

A team of scientist are embarking on a 25 year journey to research the outer regions of space and learn about the ex-planet pluto. Can Pluto be saved through this research and regain its rightful title of ninth planet in the solar system? Only you can decide!

A True Experience!

Recently laid off? Loss of loved one? Or did you even just get dumped? Forget about your worldly troubles and escape into space. Begin a new life as a spaceman or woman. A once in a lifetime chance to start a new

Secure Your Financial Future

Volunteers for the mission will be handsomely compensated upon return to earth as well as receive multiple life long benefits. All living expenses during journey will be covered for you as well as medical and dental.

No Training Required

Nolan Space Group is seeking young able body people to volunteer. People from all walks of life are encouraged to participate in the selection process. Drug test will be required during the interview process.

Recruitment Date

Friday, May 24th 2013 at 9pm

Nolan Way

London, England

Bring two forms of identification as well as social security card, birth certificate, etc. Academic scores are not required but accepted. Visit the Nolan Space website to complete application packet and bring to recruitment date. Dress comfortably, drug test will be required.