Saturday's Thoughts

November 11, 2017


Breakfast in the cafeteria is going well especially now that students have learned their numbers. The positives from this move have been no food in the classrooms, no spills, an earlier start to your day, no completing breakfast forms, and less students in the hallways to monitor. This move is easier on our cafeteria staff as well. After talking with our new director over food services, I learned that the responsibilty of teachers who have breakfast in the classroom is going to increase due to having to follow strict regulations in handing out the breakfast. This confirms that this move is the right move for us because I do not want to increase any work for you.

There are a couple of tweeks that we do need to make just to make sure the continues to go well:

1. Please make sure all of your students know their numbers.

2. Students can only go through the line once.

3. Tell your students to come straight to the cafeteria when getting to school. I originally said for students to go to their classrooms, put their bookbags down, and then come to the cafeteria. It saves time for them to come straight in to eat.

4. Please make sure you ask your students if they have eaten each day. I want to make sure that they take advantage of this free opportunity. I wish every one of our students would come and eat!

5. If students want to drink their milk and eat some of their breakfast, they can take the cereal for snack. This way every child can have a snack.

6. I will make an announcement when students are out of the cafeteria in order for you to take attendance.

I am encouraging parents to get students to school earlier in order for them to eat and get to class in my weekly calls.

If you have any concerns or questions, please let me know.

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Take a look at this book. :-)

Next week

We will be having 1/2 day meetings with each grade level next Tuesday, Wednesday, and Tnursday. During this time together, we will be visiting other classrooms, looking at our SLO's to discuss students, guided reading, strategies, and data. Some of you will have visitors in your classrooms on these days. As I said at our faculty meeting, we have so many amazing things going on in our building and we can learn so much for eachother. Please welcome us in and don't get nervous. We all want to be better at our craft, and we all know that just like our students, we learn from those we love!

Upcoming Dates:

*Nov. 14th: K4/K5 AM meeting, 1st PM meeting

*Nov. 14th: Look Good, Feel Good Tuesday

*Nov. 15th: 5th AM meeting, 2nd PM meeting

*Nov. 15th: Thanksgiving lunch in the cafeteria

*Nov. 16th: 4th AM meeting, 3rd PM meeting

*Nov. 17th: Fire Drill and Happy Friday!

*Nov. 20-21: Foothills Presentation

*Nov. 22-24: Thanksgiving Holidays