Samantha Teixeira Law Firm

Module 7 Lesson 2 Mastery Assignment

Plaintiff Dealing With The Defendant

I will help you the plaintiff (the one filing the lawsuit) against the defendant (the one being sued). I can help you handle a complaint, (charge related to the lawsuit). I can also you do your summons correctly to get the people you need to appear.

The attorney will deal with the pleading, which is the complaint and the answers is together

The pre-trail conference will have lawyer, judge, and I will spend time perparing for the trial

I will help define what evidence is preponderance evidence. We can always use a form of mediation to get an outside view of the lawsuit to try reach an agreement, or we can do an arbitration which we get the outside person to make a final decision for both plaintiff and the defendant.

The Trial

For the trial would lead to a verdict which is made by the judge himself or a jury. I will make such a solid case the defendant will not have the chance to make an appeal for a real trail.