Mahatma Gandhi

By Caleb and Jeremy

Teen Years.

Gandhi as a teen, though hard to believe, was a brat. He was afraid of the dark and ghosts. His family were vegiterians even though he ate meat. He smoked and stole money with his freinds. He also married at age 13.

Adult Years

He went to london to study law in 1888 at age 18. Then he left and studied to be a lawer. He couldn't find a suitiable post, and moved back to south africa. Upon his return, he found that his mother had died just weeks earlier. Then, in his first courtroom appearence, he blanked when it came time to cross examine a witness. He immedietly fled after reimbursing his client for his legal fees. After struggling to find work in India, Gandhi obtained a one year contract to perform legal services in South Africa.Shortly after the birth of another son, he sailed for Durban in the South African state of Natal in April 1893.

Gandhi pictures

Why gandhi was famous.

Gandhi was the best known peace protector ever. He hated violence, and was very good at coming up with quotes, like "Be the change you want to see in the world." He started to fight for rights when he got moved to the back of the train because he was colored. He spent his whole life fighting for rights and protecting rights. Gandhi was killed by Nathuram vinayak godse on janurary 30, 1948 in New Delhi.


Gandhi was a very good man. Even though he is no longer alive, he will always be remembered as one of the best men in the world.