By: Alexis Erb

Basic Facts:

Capital: Dili.

Population: 1,231,116.

Area:5,743 square miles (14,874 square kilometers).

The religion(97%): Roman Catholic.

The ethnicity of most Timorese: Austronesian.

Language: Portuguese.


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Climate: tropical; hot, humid; distinct rainy and dry seasons.

Land forms: Agricultural land: 25.1%. Arable land 10.1%. Permanent crops 4.9%. Permanent pasture 10.1%. The island's highest point is Mount Tatamailau, which stands at 9,797 feet (2,986 meters).

Sports and Entertainment:

Sports and Entertainment can literally be anything that you enjoy, weather its a game of football, softball, volleyball, basketball,soccer or any other sport that sets you to anything that you like. Sports usually have a game in front of people and usually keep score..and any age can play.

The Video...

Is about families, any age, that are helping others out.
Our 50 year anniversary: Timor Leste


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