Tivity King of the Court Challenge

Update for Week of 10/22

Round 2 Begins Tomorrow Night!

For all of you Yankee fans who suddenly have some free time on your hands (couldn't resist), Tivity is proud to get everyone back on the court tomorrow evening for round 2 of Tivity's 3 on 3 King of the Court!

We will be back at Hudson river park. Game time is 6:30. So far we have confirmed 5 teams - UEG, FanDuel, NYU-Poly, USAWeb, and TED

Stackpop on the clock

When Isiah Thomas takes back control of the Knicks, which member of your team does he sign first?
My Stephon Marbury crossover would be irresistible to Isiah.

If your company was any NBA team, which one would it be and why?
Golden State Warriors, because we are an upstart team with solid shooters.

How do you think Walt Frazier would describe the collective game of your team?
Postin and Toastin with an overzealous neophyte.

What are some projects your company or organization is excited about in the next 3-6 months?
Our ICM (Infrastructure Cost Management Tool) Tool.