Where is Middle-Earth?



So, I chose France for this project's landscape because of all of the rolling hils, large mountains, and beatuiful flower-filled plains. In France, their language is mainly French. France's culture was influenced by Celtic and Gallo-Roman cultures. France's dominant religion is Cathlolic. One main pastry made there are croissants.


As I stated earlier, France's landscape consists of rolling hils, large mountains, and beautiful plains. In the Hobbit, it describes some of the landscapes in the text while Bilbo, Gandalf, and the dwarves are on their journey. Once it describes the land around and on the Lonely Mountain, Tolkien also states that there are rolling hills, and ptches of plains. I believe France has the perfect landscape to be Middle-Earth.


Counter Claim

Want to know why I think that France is the best region to be an example of Middle-Earth? Well in this section, I'll be answering that question. Middle-Earth is a region full of forests, plains, rolling hills, and mountains. France perfectly fits that description. I have a friend that lives in France ans the last time she visited, she told me all about the landscape. I remember exactly what she told me last year and it fit the description of Middle-Earth amazingly perfect! Even though there are other countries out there with the potential to represent Middle-Earth quite as well as France can, but I believe with all my heart, that France is the perfect country to be Middle-Earth.


It's the end of this presentation already?! Well, I guess I'll sum it up for everyone who reads this. So this presentation was about finding the perfect country that had the potential of being the imaginary land of Middle-Earth from the Hobbit. I chose the country of France and I got working on the project and I found many reasons to choose this country. The landscape was perfect, found some Hobbit Homes, and more to support the country being Middle-Earth. That is why I chose France as my Middle-Earth example.
More France Information!

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