The Chamber of Secrets Book 2

Book by J. K. Rowling Genre: Fiction Total # of pages: 341

Major and Minor Characters

The main protagonist is Harry Potter and the Antagonist is the mysterious Tom Riddle or Voldemort. Harry Potter is a famous wizard who was raised by the Dursleys his muggle or non magical Aunt and Uncle and his cousin Dudley. Harry's two best friends are Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. The other three minor antagonists are Draco, Crab and Goyle who are just school bullies.


A conflict would be that Harry is facing in this book are; man vs self man vs man and man vs supernatural. Also sometimes even Man vs Common sense since after all they did steal a flying car and drive to Hogwarts when they could have just sent an owl to the teachers telling them that the barrier closed on them. Tom Riddle is man vs Supernatural since he is a ghost or as he put it memories sealed in that journal which then it became man vs self to Ginny when she was trying to tell Harry and Ron at the end of the book what she was doing against her will when Tom controlled her to break many of the school rules.

Setting & Theme

The setting takes place in Hogwarts mainly it also takes place at times in the forbidden forest, the train station, the flying car, the Dursley's house, and many other places.

A few of the themes are, don't talk to strangers due to the fact is Ginny Ron's younger sister confided her secrets in Tom Riddle, He Who Must Never Be Named, or Lord Voldemort and she didn't know him and she told him everything about what was going on at Hogwarts.


The book starts out at the end of Harry's summer before he returns to Hogwarts and he has to leave quickly with help from the Weasley's and use a flying car. The way he gets to Hogwarts was after him and Ron the boundary closes on them and instead of waiting for adults they take Ron's dad's flying car to Hogwarts which crashes into a tree known as the whomping willow and almost is destroyed. well anyway Ron and Harry are basically trying to figure out who opened the chamber of secrets and attacks the mudbloods, people who come from a non magic bloodline, Heromine is among them and she is petrified. But she does figure out what is petrifying students just not who opened the chamber. Ginny Ron's younger sister is a first year and she was being used by the mysterious Tom Riddle to basically destroy school property and their teacherProfessor Lockheart is a fake as well as a coward. Lockheart tries to take credit and say that Ron and Harry "fell" into the chamber and were locked in but he erases his own memory due to using Ron's wand that was broke due to the car crash. Harry stops Riddle who is Voldemort in his younger years by killing the journal. Basically everyone is ok until the next year where the next book starts.

Video Link

Below is the movie trailer for the second movie in the Harry Potter series and its also for the second book of the series The Chamber of Secrets.
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Trailer

The Review

I would personally recommend this book to anyone who likes fiction, even though it can be quiet slow at times its important. People that just watch the movies kind of need to see what the book is all about because it does explain a little more than the movie. I like the way the book was able to leave you hanging and wanting to read the next book. I wouldrecommend starting with the first year and not just jump into the second year due to it doesn't mention things fully because they were in the first book.