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Ellie Engeldinger


On April 17th, Maya Brantner, Abbey Ambrosius, Jenna Jacques, and Ellie Engeldinger went to the Bay Park Marcus Cinema to see Unfriended. This R rated movie came out on April 16th. It's a story that involves a deceased girl's social media accounts becoming active. Who could be the one controlling her account? Not only do her peers suffer on social media, but paranormal activity starts happening to the peers also. This caused many questions about the death of the girl. They went looking to find out who provoked the deceased girl to kill herself?

Maya, Abbey, Jenna, and Ellie were excited to see the thrilling new movie that had got many heading to the move theaters. "We went hoping to get goosebumps...and we certainly did," Maya exclaimed. The movie has had people jumping out of their seats since opening day.

50 Years Later...

On April 18th there was a surprise party held for the 50th anniversary of Tom and Linda Walker. The couple are high school sweet hearts who understands that love at first sight is real. "She was my locker neighbor at school," Tom Walker remembered with glee. Remembering the memories of high school was a big part of this party. As the Walker's friends and loved ones gathered at the Whistle Stop in Menominee, MI they reminisced. Since it was a surprise, the guests had kept quiet in advance so they didn't spill the beans to the Walkers.

There was plenty of foods and drinks so it was asked that the guests come with a hungry stomach. Everyone was ecstatic that this was such a wonderful surprise for the Walkers and that they were pleasured with the celebration for the 50 great years together.

Secret Taker

Playing with dolls has always been thought of as a harmless way to have fun. Recently parents are feeling skeptical about a certain doll who might know more about their kid than they do.

Hello Barbie is a Barbie who is programmed to have conversations with your child. Some children let personal secrets come out during the conversation. This is due to the fact that they look at the doll as a friend who they can freely share anything with because it is just a doll, but parents are concerned where "secrets" go after the Barbie responds. Who else sees the information that Hello Barbie has just learned.

Any family could be at risk of "spilling the beans" if they buy Hello Barbie as a toy for their children to keep and talk with. Could this Barbie be more than just a friendly toy?