Media Influence on Kids

By: Artur Bak

What kind of influence does media have on kids?

I believe that media has little or no influence on kids, simply because studies have shown that there is no/weak correlation between media and what kids do, and the fact that parents should be responsible for teaching morals and trying to lead kids on the right path.
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Video Games

There has been much controversy over violent video games and their influence on kids. As shocking as it is, video games have no influence on children. It's been proven that enjoying killing things with a joystick doesn't make you anymore violent in the real world. On top of that, there is no clear correlation between playing video games and committing violent crimes. So you can't just blame video games, one form of media, on influencing children, when it really doesn't happen. (Fisher)
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Music Lyrics

After Columbine there has been huge controversy on whether music lyrics influence kids. Throughout that time shock rocker Marilyn Manson was the scapegoat for making Columbine happen, when there really was no correlation between his "violent" lyrics and the shooting. Studies have shown that a large majority of kids and adults can normally distinguish between what they're listening to and reality. It all boils down to the parents and how they communicate to their children about the appropriate behavior. So it seems music isn't influencing children either. (Paulson)
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There has also been controversy on violence we see everyday on television. While children may see over 200,000 acts of violence and 400,000 murders by the time they're one years old, it really has a minimal effect on kids. This is because violence, or conflict and aggression, are core aspects of the human experience. Instead of trying to blame violent television, some people need to realize it provides us with a way to learn important lessons about life or call attention to things not addressed. It's actually better to sit with your kid and watch these "horrible" violent television shows and working through the scenes together, than trying to blame it for taking over your kid. And it seems that television also does not influence kids. (Nakaya)
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I believe that media has little or no influence on kids. It's just been proven time after time that the media has no correlation to violent acts or crimes, and that kids can distinguish reality from what they're tuning in on. In fact kids can actually benefit from all the so called "bad" media. It's all really up to the parents at the end of the day, because they are raising their own kid, so they need to sit down with these kids and teach them what's right instead of blaming the media.

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