Where in the world?

"Travel" to your landmark through reference tools!

World Wonders

1. How can I use reference tools to find out about the world?

a. How do I use an index?

b. What are informational text features and how are they useful?

2. Where is my landmark located in the world, and what can I find out about that place (city, state, country)?

3. What else might I see or do when I go to that place (city, state, country) in the world?

Group 1 - Atlas

1. Get your travel journal and get ready to travel!

2. Take an atlas.

3. Use the index to find the city, state, or country that your landmark is located.

4. Use the informational text features to find out interesting information about this place in the world.

5. Take some notes in your "travel journal."

6. What are you excited to see or do?

Group 2 - Google Earth

1. Get your travel journal and get ready to travel!

2. Open Google Earth and type your landmark into the search bar.

3. When you "arrive" at your landmark, look around for other "pins" that tell you what you might find nearby.

4. Take some notes in your travel journal.

5. What are you excited to see or do?

Guided Inquiry Checklist

1) Students are actively engaged in and reflecting on the experience

** Travel "journals" guide students in the process

2) Students will build on what they already know to construct new understandings. **Extension of related projects in the library and in the classroom

3) Develop higher-order thinking (intervention)

** Use of nonfiction resources and sorting needed information

4) Different modes of learning are used (print, visual, narrative and expository)

** Atlas- print and visuals, Technology - text and visuals

5) Social interaction is part of the learning process (social construction)

** Work at tables

6) Offers opportunities for cognitive development (capacity for abstract thinking)

** Conceptual understanding of the larger world