Beers Law Lab

Hunter Lesnar


Until the mid-1800s, undergoing surgery was excruciatingly painful because people would be awaken during the surgery. To do this process you'll need a computer for the Colorimeter to plug into and some Cuvettte's to full with the solution. Remember to not touch the glass side touch the ridged side that isn't clear its foggy. Had to find the following solutions : 0%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%, and 100% the less the number the more the light would go through the solution so for 100% it didn't go through but for 0% it went through with no problem. Then there's Aunt Elda and we had to find out what her percentage was. Aunt Elda died on the table because she got to much anesthesia

Data Table

Step by Step

how to get 15%. First you get 15 mL of the solution by dropping little drops into a beaker then 85mL of water.



in this lab i saw how to figure out the percentage of the solution, and we used this with a colorimeter to determine how much light passed through it. With the computer set up it calculated the percentage of light passing through, it put it into a graph that can be seen above. The Cuvetts are what we used to put the solution in and they slide right on in the colorimer.