zodd jobs

save your time

there's stuff you need done, but don't want to or can't do yourself --

Personal assistants are expensive, but we are at a time in our history where it takes more of your time just to get the bare minimum done! For your busy life, unload your errands and tasks on me, at your own pace! No commitment or requirements; simply ask, and you shall receive on a need basis!

COMMISSION paintings: If you'd like to see my work, or sell your own artwork or crafts let me know. I usually dabble in colorful abstract, if that is something you're interested in.
TUTORING: I know you parents with older kids don't even understand their homework anymore, DON'T LIE! I've excelled in higher math and science both in high school and college. However, for you people who have homework to be done, I can't do it for you!
CLEANING: Light, or spring -- I do have a vacuum!
LAUNDRY: Either at home, or at a laundromat (no old fashion river washing, however).
SHOPPING: Pretty simple, write me a list, tell me where you'd like me to shop, there I go. I'm excellent at figuring out the bang for your buck.
DOG walking/ pet sitting: small and large dogs welcome; so called "bully breed"? no problem!

Cant get to the bank or post office on time? Need someone to pick up dinner for you? Tired of that mountain of laundry that you just can't get to the laundromat to take care of?
Use your imagination! You never know what others can do for you until you ask!

I'm flexible and can do many of these things while you're at work.