Alexa O'Neill

All about OCD

No one knows the exact cause of OCD. Some say that part of the reason could be that maybe they inherited, and it runs in the family but there has been nothing found that shows the exact cause. OCD is when people have obsessions and compulsions that are irrational. Some people could spend hours at a time preforming complicated rituals. An example of that could be counting or hand-washing. Left untreated, OCD could interfere with other things in that persons life. OCD cannot be fully cured but it can be treated with therapy. OCD could also be called an anxiety disorder. It can feel like it's trapping you in an endless cycle of constant thoughts and behaviors, so it's almost like they cannot control their thoughts. This disability is usually more obvious because you can see the person doing these little things everyday. Some people with OCD like to keep things in a certain order. Like if you were cleaning your room and a girl has nail polish, a person that had OCD would maybe have to put them in a certain order. Some people with OCD feel the need for certain things to be "perfect". Also people with OCD could get medication if they went to see a doctor. Other things that could help people are exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, and staying connected to friends and family.