Kindergarten News

March 27 - April 9

What We're Learning

ELA (English Language Arts)

We are continuing unit 5.

Drama: A drama, or play, is a story that we can act out for others. Drama has a character, setting and events.


We will continue to provide support and activities in letter and sound recognition.

Sight Word List: we, you, from, am, a, are, can, do, for, go, he, have, here, I, is, it, to, like, little, my, me, of, see, the, were, where, said, play, run, up, they, not, was, of, and, all, they, that, this, than, was, as, with, be, saw, our, good

Rhyming- a lot of activities over the next few weeks will focus on rhyming which helps build reading and writing skills.

A great way to start communication with your child is to ask:

What is your favorite play that you read?

Do you know what to do when you get to school?

Who is your best friend? Can you count to 100 by 1's, 5's and 10's.

Math (Unit 11) Continuing Composing and Decomposing numbers 11-19. Here is a great song to practice at home.

Science- are they formed?

Social Studies- Why do we need maps?


  • If your child plans to eat breakfast at school, please arrive between 8:40-9am.
  • We begin our reading groups at 9:10 AM. Students that are late often miss out on reviewing past skills and the introduction of new skills.
  • Please check your child's folder weekly. Take out all student work.
  • Students who have followed the PBIS rules of respect (being kind to others), responsibility (finishing their work), self-control (safe hands and feet) and safety (walking in the hall, classroom and restroom) will have a stamp on their hand. If your child doesn't have a stamp on their hand, please ask them why.
  • Plenty of children are falling asleep in class. Children at this age need about 10 hours of sleep each night.

Mrs. Butler & Mrs. Timmons

Please feel free to ask us anything. You can message us through ClassDojo, send an email or all the school to leave a message.


If you have any questions regarding bus transportation, please call (314)449-9162.


Homework packets will be sent home on Monday. Homework is an opportunity to reinforce what we are doing in the classroom. Parents only need to return the signed top page when complete.


  • If your child will be absent, please call the office at 314-481-0420 so that the absence is excused.
  • If your child will be going home a different way than usual, you need to call the school or leave a message with the teacher in ClassDojo before 3:45 PM.
  • When students are absent, missed work will be placed in their folder. They can complete it at home. It does not need to be returned.


We need boxes of tissue. Please consider donating at least 1 box of tissue to our class. We are almost out. Thanks.

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