My poetry Anthology

By Parker Hill


Parker Hill is a student at Eaton High School and loves to express his love for theatre and his favorite soccer team Arsenal. He also loves to be different and this is expressed in many of his poems along with Arsenal. Parker has to do this anthology as an assignment and thought it was going be a real drag because of how much he has to write but he actually ended up liking it a whole lot.

Where I'm From

Where I’m From

I am from scripts, from Adidas and Arsenal.

I am from the brick front porch that gets hot in the summer.

I am from the Elephant Ears, the Roses

I am from the watching of soccer games on Saturday and light heartedness, from Gramp and Mema and Kaitlyn.

I am from the stubbornness and competitiveness.

From Love you more and don’t be an Idiot.

I am from the cross, the holy water and the prayer.

I'm from Ireland, corn on the cob and Shepherd’s pie.

From the race my great great grandfather fell of his horse and almost died, the stories that were told over and over again, and the loud cough that would come out with a hard laugh from my grandfather.

I am from dresser in the bedroom containing thousands of priceless memories that makes everyone smile when they look at them, the dresser that brings our family together.

Narrative Poem

A Politicians Worst Nightmare

On the Night of July 11th,

A great duel went on between 2 political super powers,

Hamilton and Burr!

Both of the men had been political rivals and personal enemies for their whole lives,

And Burr had finally had enough.

He declared a duel against Hamilton and was ready to kill.

Hamilton agreed and decided a time and a place.

The men quickly got their guns and said goodbye to their loved ones,

For they may never see them again.

The street was crowded with people on both sides as both men walked to the meeting spot,

Then it all went silent,

Like a cemetery.

Hamilton raised his gun in air.

Burr raised his gun in the air.

The duelers glared at each other,

Letting go of all of their hatred,



Hamilton dropped to the floor and let his gun run away from him.

The crowed screamed in panic and Burr escaped like the;

Slimy, Stuck up, sick, salty, man he is.

But Hamilton still lay on the floor,

For the life had already been sucked out of him.

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Prose Paragraph

Everything starts out as an idea, a thought, a conception. And we eventually are brought into the world through the process of life and we try to live it to the fullest and be happy with our life because you never know when it might end. These are our roots. Anyway, as we get older we get bigger and we start to have our own ideas and we start to break away from the crowd and start to be individuals instead of the herd of cattle we used to be a part of. We branch off like a tree, where each branch represents an idea that we believe in that is different from everyone else. It can be our interests, our political views, or even believes that separate us from the crowd. But there is always that one part of us that want to give into peer pressure and be like everyone else. We sometimes want our core to be like everyone else because our differences aren’t good enough. That is the trunk, our core, our stem. But there is always the fluff on the outside that we want to use to make ourselves more appealing, more interesting, and prettier. And that is the leaves because just like a plant uses a colorful flower that attracts bees to pollinate, we use our leaves to make us more likable. So basically, life is just a tree.

Structure Poem

The tree of our Generation

This is the Fluff, What we choose to let people see.

Makeup. Looks. Hair. Skin. Clothes. Fluff. Glasses. Social Media. Habits. Interests.

This is the

Core. What

(Our branches are our differences and what,)We actually (We are different from anyone else in.)

Are but

Choose to

(They can be big differences that everyone,)Hide from (can see, or small ones that you only)



(Know of. They can be anything actually,) our actual (but they are what make you, you)


Favorite games.

Things we



Then we have our roots. Our roots are what we are made of and what we started off as. The roots are our ancestors, our childhood, what you base your life off of and what we should be proud of. They are what keeps us down and what our tree feeds off of and what our tree is grown from. They are our memories, our family, our closest friends, or anything we look up to and strive to be like. In some ways, the roots are the most important part, because you can always go back to your roots to be proud, or when you’re in need.

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Ode to my Hoodie

On Christmas day,

I was given an amazing gift,

A gift that would be with me,

For as long as it fits.

It was,

Soft, stylish, sweet and special.

Representing my favorite team,




Its grey fabric with the white thread,

Makes it a dark grey tiger.

A tiger that protects, warms, and comforts its owner.

My hoodie is very pretty,

Like a supermodel walking down the runway.

A beautiful hoodie,

That symbolizes,

A beautiful team.

I love my hoodie,

And I will always love it.

Even after it doesn’t fit

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Allusion Poem

Garden Of Independent Onions

I am an onion,

With many layers that the outside does not show.

All different from each other,

Like snowflakes.

But have,

The same core,

The same roots,

The same goal.

The same “bitter sweetness”





Appearance, Personality, Enjoyments, Emotions,

Layers that all come together to form a single being.

A being that is different from anyone else,

But beautiful in its own way.

I am an onion,

Through hard times,

And storms,

And stuff bringing you down,

Things that try to pull you away,

I provide.

I provide,

Bringing joy,

Bringing joy to everyone I can.

Bringing joy through my layers.

I am an Onion.

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What is Love?

Family is there for you when times get rough.

And they love you for what you want to be.

And you love them even when it seems tough.

This is love and its awesome can’t you see?

Love can be anything you want it to

Love can even be your favorite team.

Love is great but can be hard to do.

When it tries to tear, just like a seam.

Love makes you grin, when you see it coming.

It makes you happy when you are not well.

Love can do amazing things, its stunning.

Love is actually, extremely swell.

Love might just be used in random chatter.

But it’s from the heart, that’s all that matters

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As this Anthology comes to an end, I realized that this project has really made a better writer and made be creative and use clever techniques that I have never had to use before. My favorite piece to write was the Sonnet because even though it was the hardest one, it made me feel extremely accomplished when writing it. I chose in each Stanza to talk about something different about love because i felt that the sonnet was supposed to be about love and all sides of love and how love can be so many different things. I wanted to make the reader understand love and how love isn't always romantic and to make sure to appreciate love because it comes from the heart. In conclusion I really liked this project and it made me think a lot instead of just blowing through everything. My creative process was a lot of writing one sentence, then taking a break, getting ideas then writing another so it helped a lot to take it slow and make sure everything is right.