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Week of January 4th to 8th

Feeder Pattern News

We hope you cherished the time with your loved ones and reflected on your many celebrations from this past year. As we start a new 2016, please plan accordingly for the following.

January parent conferences are quickly approaching, please ensure that your goal is set to at least 90% parent attendance or higher per teacher section; and that meaningful dialogue occurs between students, parents, and teachers (see resources below). Clear written documentation, and formal RtI support should be in place by now for any student at risk of failing STAAR/EOC and/or the school year. In addition, these parents should be formally notified in writing regarding their child's status no later than the end of this month.

Please review the following action items for the month of January over these next two days with your leadership teams (both administrators and teacher leaders) to develop clear action steps to accomplish these priorities.

Thank you y mil gracias!

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January Parent Conference Resources

January parent conferences are quickly approaching. Please consider the following resources in setting high expectations for parent attendance at 90% or higher per teacher section, and as an opportunity to engage our parents/students in powerful dialogue during this time.

A. Link to Scholastic site that provides some structure to get ready for conferences:

Planning for Parent Conferences |

If you're a new teacher, use these helpful resources for planning your first parent-teacher conferences. They include sample forms, suggestions for the arranging the ...

B. Signup Genius also built in some suggestions and promote the use of their tool to help organize parent sign-up:

How to Plan a Productive Parent Teacher Conference

How to Plan for a Productive Parent-Teacher Conference ... Meet with Parents. Begin by discussing positive aspects of the child’s experiences in your class.

C. Education World resource on meeting with Parents:

Education World: Meeting With the Parents -- Making the ...

Education World is pleased to present these professional development tips shared by author and educator Jim Gomes. Have a Student Secretary for Parent-Teacher ...

D. NEA parent teacher conference preparation materials:

NEA - Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent-teacher conferences can be stressful, for you and the parents, but with proper planning and organization you can lay the groundwork for a production ...

Happy Belated Birthday December Babies!

Dec. 23rd - Annabell Villarreal, Soto AP

Jan. 2nd - Amanda Brown, Cochran CIC

Feeder Pattern Celebrations

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Instructional Corner News

From our Academic Facilitator Rita...

All good instruction includes clearly informative data. With EOCs still fresh in mind and ACPs in our midst, let’s plan for those coaching conversations to include how that data paired with formative assessments can enlighten our practice and drive needed differentiation. As our standardized testing data will inform what we've accomplished and have yet to address, please review the ideas at this link to address how students can own their own assessment to drive learning goals.

The 5 Keys to Successful Comprehensive Assessment in ...

Stanford professor Linda Darling-Hammond shares how using well-crafted formative and performance assessments, setting meaningful goals, and giving students ownership ...



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