The good,bad and ugly

by Youssra

the good,bad and ugly

my name is youssra and today ill be talking about the good about your phone.The good things about you phone is that you can contact your parents/guardians if a emergency.If you are board then you can play on it for a little bit and capture the good moments on your phone with your camera.The bad thing about your phone is if you use it too much during the night then if you have school the next day you might feel tired and your eyes might hurt.The ugly is if you have instagram,facebook,messenge and ect you could get bullied and lets say you have a friend that your no longer their friend and they have a funny picture of you and they post it they might not take it down and it will be up there could get hurtful messages and phone calls.the last thing that is really ugly is if someone is tracking you down on your phone or a phone you found.I once saw on the news that a girl found a phone and she kept getting thertful messages and phone call but she couldent hear what they were saying so she kept getting them for hours then a message came up with a picture of her she was really scared and shocked so she went to the police and the police figured it out and told her you should always be careful of wat you do cuz some people take their own life's because of the hurtful messages.