The Savannah

By Noah Khalaf

Climate/Seasonal Weather

The Climate has two seasonal changes one is a wet season known as winter. The other is a very dry season known as summer.The average temperature is 78 Fahrenheit. The average annual precipitation/rainfall is 20 to 40 inches.

Animals of the Savannah

.The five animals of the Savannah


African Elephant



Black Rhino

Plants of the Savannah

Plants that are in my enviroment

Senegal Gum Acacia

Manketti Tree

Umbrella Thorn Acacia

Bermuda Grass

Elephant Grass

How are humans threatening the Savannah

Humans are poaching all animals for many reasons their skin, ivory horns.

Humans are also taking land for farms, amusement parks or land for their tribes or familys

How is Climate change affecting the biome?How?

Yes. The African Savannah has a large amount of Carbon Dioxide. The Savannah is constantly hot while having very little rain .
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The Landscape

The Landscape of the Savannah. The Savannah has a lot of wild grass, few watering holes, some trees many without leaves.
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Clothing for the Savannah

Cargo Shorts that can hold items. Light clothes with pockets and comfortable shoes. A safari hat or a hat with a wide brim.
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Dear Josh

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