By Sydney Stainer

The Crash

According to "EXCLUSIVE: Revealed, 'devastated' childhood friend of Paul Walker pictured risking his own life to try and save actor seconds after fireball car crash" written by Will Payne, Paul Walker and Roger Rodas died from a car crash in Valencia, California on November 30, 2013. Paul Walker's close friend Newt Wimer and the firemen on the scene have similarities and differences. First of all, both Wimer and the firemen showed courage and were combative as they fought to rescue Walker and Rodas. Secondly, they ignored the burns and other injuries they’d been receiving, because all they wanted to do was rescue Paul and Roger. On the other hand, one way they differ is that the firemen and police restrained Wimer from continuing to try and get them out, as they wanted to save his life if they couldn’t save the other men’s lives. Also, another difference is that Wimer would do anything to save his friends, even die, but the firemen and policemen took time from their work to yield the only person that refused to give up on them. Although both Newt Wimer and the firemen have courage, only Newt showed the most determination and selflessness.


In the film and novel Insurgent written by Veronica Roth, the main character Tris displays a tremendous amount of courage. First of all, during simulations, Tris believes that her mother is in a burning shelter that has begun to lift off of the ground, and Tris leaps onto a wire to pull herself on. With only herself to depend on, Tris had to take careful moves because if she made one mistake, she would plunge to her death. Secondly, Tris showed courage when she turned herself in to the Erudite. With no knowledge of her future, life or death, Tris surrendered so others could live. This is important to the story because it shows characteristics of a divergent; daring and selfless.
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Place Matters

In Clint Smith’s TED Talk “Place Matters”, he explained that his students goes through a rough time everyday due to the lower-class location of their homes. If they had more money and lived in better neighborhoods, then the children would have easier lives. For example, one student Jose eats fast food almost every day of the week because his mother is not home, trying to earn money for the family with three jobs. The cartilage in his knees is disintegrating and his knees are “literally crumbling under the weight of the world.” Overall, children are being born into unbearable lives because of the location and way they live.