By: Mackenzie Gier

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Why does European ancestery greatly inlfunce Argetina ?

First, Spanish explores encountered the Native American people and forced them into labor. After that, they were sent to Peru. After Peru, Spain and Italy immigrants came to Argentina. Many more immigrants arrived from Europe after world war 2. Therefore, the immigrants influenced culture on Argentina.

What type of climate does Argentina have and how do the people adjust to it?

Argentina has a distinctive 4 seasons like us. Although, the climate does vary. From a dry, windswept plateau like Patagonia to snow capped peaks like Aconcagua, Argentina has it all!

Patagonia's people only have one major economic activity which is sheep raising because of the climate. Although Argentina's vast, treeless plains called the Pampas are home to many farmers and ranchers. As you can see, there are many different climates and the people adjust there activities accordingly.

How did Gauchos become the national symbol?

Gaucho's hunted horses and cattle that roamed freely. Gauchos were admired for their independence and horse-riding skills. All the Livestock that Gauchos catch help the countries economy because beef and cattle are the chief exports. As you can see, Argentina values Gauchos .

What caused Argentina's elected leaders to govern poorly in the 1900's?

The economy suffered because the military leaders took over. One of these military leaders became a dictator and tried to improve the economy but once he tried to stop freedom of speech, Argentina's people became angry and a revolt soon was present and they returned to a democracy.