Empowering Teachers

No "Teacher" Left Behind!

Empower our Teachers . . .Empower our Children

"On January 8, 2002, NCLB was signed into law. Americans united behind a revolutionary idea: every child can learn. The law confirms that as a nation, we will not accept a public school system that educates only a portion of its children"(Commissioner@fldoe.org, 2014, para. 1).

How do we ensure that No Child is Left Behind? We empower our teachers! How do we empower our teachers? We give them every opportunity by way of conferences and seminars to enrich their own learning opportunities so that they can go back to their schools and teach not just their students but their colleagues.


What truly makes a difference to providing quality education to our children is to provide quality seminars to our teachers. The seminars would focus on research-based instructional methods, core subjects and well-known scientific research designed to offer a guide to effective classroom performance.

According to commissioner of Florida, (2014) the NCLB is based on four common-sense principles:

  • holding schools accountable for results;
  • giving states and districts flexibility in how they spend federal money;
  • using scientific research to guide classroom practice; and
  • involving parents by giving them information and choices about their children’s education (para. 2).

Based on the NCLB act, federal money can be used to give states and districts flexibility in getting their teachers to seminars. By sending their top teachers to these seminars to learn as much as they can--those teachers can come back to their schools and teach other teachers what they have learned.

No More Old School . . .Let's Move Into the 21st Century!

Of course there is always going to be lectures, chalkboards and projectors but in today's world of high technology there is very little room for "old school" ways of teaching.

Today teachers have almost every technology available at their disposal. To become successful, teachers must develop a vast array of skills to help them teach effectively and by being able to use and analyze data, and work effectively with colleagues is essential in today's ever changing world. Our seminars can help you step into the 21st century!


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