The Incredible Immune System

What is the immune system?

The immune system is basically how your body stays healthy. A prime example of this would be white blood cells, which protect the red blood cells from being consumed by the bacteria, damaging the organism. This is why it is so important, without it, disease would take over the organism, and kill it! Major organs include tonsils, adenoids, lymphatic vessels and nodes, thymus, spleen, appendix and bone marrow.

How could I improve my immune system?

Well, one way to do so is to take medicine, or get a vaccination. These simple thing will boost your immune system, and give it more energy to fight off bacteria, and allow it to learn how to get better at fighting off diseases. Some scientists actually believe eating your own boogers can improve your immune system, however, this is just a theory, and has never been proven.


I Ain't Afraid of No Disease!

What could happen to my immune system?

Well, there are three main disorders you could get. Autoimmune, Inflammatory, and cancer. The first one, autoimmune cause the immune system to slow down, making it so diseases can destroy more without being stopped. The second causes the opposite, where they are so overactive, they begin to consume non bacteria cells. Lastly, I'm sure you know what cancer is, but I'll explain anyways. Cancer is when normal cells become cancerous cells, which will spread like wild fire in a dry forest.

Want a clever way to learn

I recommend watching the movie Osmosis Jones, but fast forward on pointless scenes. The movie is like inside out where it takes place inside the human body, but makes it like a cop movie with white blood cells. It gives clever little explanations for things you don't see happening on the outside. However, make sure you have a fast forward button handy, because the live action scenes have no purpose, and are best left out of the expirience

Levels of orginization

How does it maintain homeostasis?

You know how when you are sick you are really cold, even though your forehead feels like its on fire? This is the immune system throwing off balance know as homeostasis. If a threat is detected, the brain will tell the immune system to get more energy than the less important systems such as the digestive or integumentary system. This is also why when you are sick, you don't ever need to go to the bathroom. the digestive system is getting less energy, so it goes slower.

How does it interact with other body systems?

The immune system, first of all, interacts with the circulatory system because the red blood cells and the white blood cells are working together. Second, the Skeletal system and the immune system interact by both using the bone marrow. The immune system also shares the liver with the excretory system. Lastly, the endocrine system interacts with the immune system by sending the message of what I explained earlier in the homeostasis paragraph altogether.