Can we stop poverty?

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What is poverty?

Poverty is a state of being where someone is very poor, or homeless, or when they have no goods. It is when someone does not have a job and does not have enough money to have a home or afford food or clothing or a shelter. Poverty is all over the world and people are in it at this very second.Poverty will just keep on growing and growing as we speak if someone does not do anything about it. But the real question is, can we actually stop it?

Poverty Causes...

  • poorness passed down from generations
  • low literacy rate in city/state
  • economic and social conditions that cause poverty
  • high level of unemployment found in poor communities
  • people living in bad/poor environment

Poverty Effects


  • little access to clean/good food
  • bad food lead to the 45 percent of deaths in children under the age of 5
  • will lead to health issues


  • diseases are common
  • because of lack of resources
  • no nutritious food= body cant fight off bacteria
  • unclean items around them
  • sickness can be very bad
  • do not have enough money to pay for medicine
  • cant get better
  • depression
  • suicide


  • cant afford school
  • some families cant afford right clothing or supplies
  • some cant get to school (no ride)
  • cant read or write

Crimes/ Bad Choices

  • no money= steals things
  • has no education= does not know right from wrong
  • steal food, clothing, goods, etc for family (or for themselves)

Can we stop poverty?

I believe that we can not stop poverty around the world because way too many people are in poverty and it would be almost impossible to bring everyone out of poverty. Also there are not enough jobs for everyone in this world. Another reason is that not everyone has skills for jobs, so even if there are enough jobs, the people in poverty might not even be capable of doing it. I believe we can not stop poverty around the world. I mean we could try to do things to help, such as donations, but it still would not fix all poverty around the world.


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