New Study: What Can Cause Tumors!


Can Viruses Cause Tumors?

Francis Peyton Rous a graduate from Hopkins University in Baltimore was able to show that tumors can be caused by viruses. Rous has spent the past few years of his life as an instructor of pathology at the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research in New York City, New York. While he was teaching there he studied a series of tumors that occurred in chickens. Before Rous' exploration it was believed that cancers were caused by chemicals that could only be transferred from one animal to another by a transplant of the cell itself. Rous was able to show that the cancer that the chickens had was caused by a virus, and that it could be transferred from chicken to chicken without a transplant.
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First Indianapolis 500!

There were forty cars lined up ready to race on May 30,1911. On the thirteenth lap a multi-car accident occurred causing many fights to break out, about who really won the race. Ralph Mulford said he was the winner, but due to the accident he believes his time is not accurate. Ray Harroun was the true winner, and took home the $14.250 prize money, with an average speed of 74.59 mph, and taking him six hours and forty two minutes to finish the race. Even though the winner is established, fans are still in awe.

The First Telegram That traveled Around the World!

Scientist wanted to know how long it would take to send a telegram around the world. The telegram message was very simple, "The message sent around the world." The message was sent from the "Time" building in New York at seven p.m. on August twentieth. It traveled 28,000 miles, and it traveled from San Francisco to Hong Kong and all the countries between. The telegram traveled around the world in sixteen and a half minutes. It was the quickest time for a telegram since the opening of the Pacific cable in 1900.

Guillaume Apollinaire Is Arrested!

Guillaume Apollinaire was arrested for stealing Leonardo da Vinci's "Mona Lisa" at a famous museum in Paris. Apollinaire is a thirty-one year old poet who was known for his elaborate art movements. He has always been a very questionable man, and many wonder where he was really born, and where he was raised as a young boy. The authorities believe that he was the one that stole the "Mona Lisa", because of his questionable background. There has been no evidence directly pointing him to the crime. If no information surfaces within the next five days Apollinaire will be released.