Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia


This is the 3rd largest country in Africa. The capital city is Addis Ababa. The population is 65,891,874 and 87% live in rural areas but their cities are not like ours.

Physical Geography

Ethiopia is a landlocked country in northeastern Africa. They have very good farm land so many people are farmers. The highest point is 15,158ft. Plateau makes up 2/3 of the country.


Most houses are made of wood and mudd. Two main groups in Ethiopia are Semites, which live in northern and central, and Hamites, which live in eastern and northern parts. The offical launges are Amharic,, Tigrinya, and Orominga.


The natural resources in this area are gold, platinum, copper, and potash. The money is called Birr. In this country you only have to go to school from 6-13years old and only 36% of the people are liderate. The goverment is Federal Republic.