Team Rules

Northwestern MS Girls' Soccer

Dear Student Athletes and parents,

Please sit down with your daughter and read over this rules packet. These are the rules under which the team will operate this season. Attached to the back of the packet is a rules contract. Please fill our this contract with your daughter and return it to your coaches.

Academic Requirements to play:

There are no official league requirements for academic standards at the middle school level. However, as the students progress into high school athletics they will be required to maintain at least a passing grade in four of their five core subjects. In preparation for this reality, the middle school girls' soccer players will be required to meet at least this minimal level of academic performance in order to pay on the team. If a players academics become an issue, she may become ineligible to play on the soccer team.

Contact Information

Head Coach - Michael Stapleton


Assistant Coach - Darci Stenson


At All Times

Playing soccer on the Northwestern Middle School Girls' Soccer Team is a privilege. It is expected that you always play hard wether in practice or games. It is expected that your behavior be outstanding in every way. It is expected that you always be respectful of teammates, coaches, bus drivers, spectators, referees and opponents, always demonstrating good sportsmanship. Most of all it is expected that you behave and contribute as a member of our team.

Game Day Procedures and Rules

  1. Players must bring their entire proper uniform in order to be eligible to play in the game.
  2. Players are expected to put the same effort into warm-ups that they put into both practice and games.
  3. Players are encouraged to dress-up for school on game days.
  4. Players are expecte to represent Northwestern with great pride and respect. Whether they are on the bench or in the game, their behavior is expected to be exemplary.
  5. Any flagrant foul assessed to a player by an official will result in the suspension of the player for the next game.
  6. Prober behavior is expected on all bus rides taken with the team.
  7. Parents must fill out the Away Game Permission Slip (attached) for the season. This will allow you to pick up your child after away games at the opposing school. Please be sure to see the coach before you take your child!
  8. With written permission from your parent, you may be picked up by another player's parent at an away game.
  9. Playing time in games is earned on this team. While we hope to reward each and every member of the team with some playing time each game, that may not always be possible.

Bench Procedures & Rules

  1. Players are required to sit on the bench when they are not playing in the game.
  2. Proper behavior and sportsmanship is expected throughout all competitions.
  3. It is expected that players who are not in the game pay attention to the game so that they will be aware of what is transpiring and prepared to enter the game when they are needed.
  4. Questioning the coach as to when an individual player will be given playing time during a game is unacceptable and will result in no playing time for the individual.

Locker Room

  1. Rough-housing is not allowed in the locker room.
  2. No one except coaches and players are allowed in the locker room.
  3. No GLASS containers are permitted in the locker room.
  4. All spiked or cleated shoes must be put on or taken off outside. No metal or hard plastic spikes or cleats are allowed in any part of the building.

Practice Expectations

  1. All players are expected to be in the locker room changing into their practice clothes immediately after the school day ends. Players must be on the Soccer Field, dressed, and ready to stretch and begin practice by no later than 2:25 pm. Failure to do so without reason may result in reduced playing time.
  2. All players are expected to give 100% in practice everyday. The amount of playing time a player receives will be earned every day in practice. Failure to put in your best effort in practice will result in reduced playing time.
  3. Players are expected to listen to all instructions attentively.
  4. The team is expected to gather needed equipment and first aid kits each day for our practice or game. All members are expected to equal turns in preparing and carrying equipment No member of the team is better than another and all are expected to share equally in these responsibilities. This is also the the expectation after the game or practice when the team must return supplies to their appropriate places.
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Practice and Game Attendance Requirements

  1. Attendance is mandatory at all practices. Practices are designed to build and enhance skill level. Therefore, attendance at practices is imperative for the success of the team. With the exception of school absences due to illness, players are expected to be at practice every afternoon Monday through Friday on all non-game days. It is vital that parents and players arrange other commitments around these times. Any player who misses practice without an acceptable excuse will be ineligible to play in the next game. If there is an emergency situation, a health concern, or an absolutely unavoidable conflict, permission to miss practice may be granted. This must be done in advance and must be done in writing by your parent. The coaches will decide if the absence is excused or not.
  2. If a player needs academic assistance from a teacher, exceptions may be made. Academic performance is expected and encouraged. The player must communicate the need to miss a portion of practice to the coaches in advance and when she returns to practice later that day she must bring a signed and timed pass from the teacher whom she was with. Whenever possible, please utilize opportunities that don't conflict with practice such as homeroom and study hall to seek out the needed academic assistance.
  3. If a play misses practice for an unapproved reason, that player will not play the next game.
  4. Any player receiving a detention or suspension during the school day will serve the punishment at the teacher's convenience and not at the convenience of the player's soccer schedule. Missing either a practice or a game due to getting a detention ail NOT be considered an excused absence and will result in the player sitting on the bench for at least one game. Proper behavior will be expected from team members at all times.
  5. These rules would hold true for attendance at games as well.
  6. Practice ends at 4 pm. Due to liability issues surrounding students left unattended at a school facility, it is extremely important that all players have a prompt (no later that 20 minutes after a game or practice) ride available for departure. If you are unable to pick your daughter up at this time, please make arrangements for her to get a ride with another player or someone else. Home games typically end around 5 pm. The bus returns from away games between 5:30 and 6 for most destinations. Please pick your daughter up promptly!
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