Eleve Studio

Elevating dancers to the next level

Eleve Studio

Here at Eleve, we offer dance classes for all ages, from toddler to adult, in a range of styles, including ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, modern, and hip hop. Our classes and instructors provide a positive environment for students to learn and explore dance in. All of our instructors are well qualified dance instructors, that each bring a unique perspective and style to the wonderful performing art of dance.

About Eleve

Eleve Studio is the sole proprietorship of Ursula Gamache. She started Eleve Studio in 2014 and has always been the owner. Eleve Studio is a small business, so it doesn't require multiple people to run the business. She deals with all the financial aspects of the business and makes decisions for the business.

Running the Business

The few hurdles that face the studio are easily overcome by simple solutions. All participants sign liability waivers, releasing the owner from fault for injury. Tuition rates for students are set so as to cover all monthly costs and possible maintenance costs. Profits also cover instructor salaries and some money is put in a savings account for the business.

Our Instructors

Our instructors salaries are based on the number of classes they teach and the amount of students participating in each class. We offer benefits, including health and dental insurance, and generous sick leave. Being a small business, a labor union isn't necessary. Every quarter, a meeting will be held at the studio between the owner and instructors to address problems and concerns from all people. Everyone has a chance to voice their opinion and good communication will be achieved in these meetings. We also offer all of our instructors studio time to come in a work outside of class if they so desire.

Eleve is Green

Eleve studio was built with our environment in mind. It is a silver LEED certified building. We used sustainable products in construction and feature rows of solar panels on our roof, which provides all our electricity needs. Our facilities have water saving technology in them. In addition to our building been built "green", we encourage students to be green too. We sell reusable water bottles with our logo to reduce paper cup waste. We have recycling cans in our lobby and studio rooms to make recycling accessible to our students, their families, and our staff.