See a Live Performance of Bourree!

On Tuba by Kareem Kamel

Come to Discovery Middle School on April 29th!

See a first chair tubist perform Bourree by George Frideric Handel after many weeks of preparation. Bourree is a lively French dance song sure to keep you in a happy mood.

Performance of Bourree on BBb Tuba

Friday, April 29th, 11am-1pm

1717 40th Avenue South

Fargo, ND

George Frederick Handel

George Frederick Handel is the composer of this song. He was born in Halle, Germany on February 23rd, 1685. He died on April 14th, 1759 in London, England. He moved to London in 1712. He composed well over 500 songs and died a well respected and rich man. He and John Sebastian Bach are often considered the best composers of their era.


Bourree is written in Bb flat major with cut time. A "Bourree" is a lively French dance with a quadruple meter and a single upbeat. It was written by George Frederick Handel at an unknown date. They are usually written an an "A-B" structure containing to complementary parts. This song is not to be confused with "Bourree in e minor" by John Sebastian Bach.

Kareem Kamel

Kareem Kamel is the tuba player who will be playing Bourree. He is 11 and attends Discovery Middle School. He likes to play tuba and is the first chair of his band. Kareem also enjoys playing tennis.


This was a great project that I completed over the course of a few weeks. I enjoyed learning and working on new songs. Mr. Salzer provided help whenever I needed. Over the time I became much better at the song and gradually perfected it. I also liked working on this flyer a lot,