By: Kari-Ann Andersen

Cell Theory

3 Parts of Cell Theory

1.All living things are made of cells

2.The cell is the smallest living thing that can perform all functions of life

3.All cells must come from pre-existing cells

Robert Hooke

Discovered Cell Theory: 1665

He discovered the cellular composition of cork and introduced the world to cell science.

Anton Van Leeuwenhoek

Discovered Cell Theory: 1674,1676,1683

He improved magnification of microscopes by polishing lenses,he discovered animalcules and he discovered bacteria.

Theodor Schwann

Discovered Cell Theory: 1839

He discovered that animals were made up of cells.

Mathias Schleiden

Discovered Cell Theory: 1838

He discovered that PLANTS were made out of cells.

Rudolf Virchow

Discovered Cell Theory: 1855

He stated that all living things come from other living things.