Andrew Jackson


Born To Command

  1. All Jackson wanted was everything to be equal and fair .
  2. Andrew Jackson didn't wanna to become hated by anyone.
  3. He felt like the bank was bad/evil.
  4. Jackson wanted to destroy the bank so that things could be better.

Andrew Jackson Is A Man Of The People

How Is Andrew Jackson A Man Of The People?Andrew Jackson is a man of the people because he took down the national bank by himself ,defeated creek worriers, beat the rank of major general,hired people for things then fired them,and lots of more. He did most of these things all by himself and that makes him the man of people.

Spoils System

Andrew Jackson rewarded the people who voted for him . I think he did that so if someone finds out that hes rewarding people just by voting, they will vote for him just to get that reward .Jackson knew how they would react so that's why he did that. Jackson's idea was really smart,it got him a lot of votes.

Andrew jackson moments

Andrew jackson is a Hero

Andrew Jackson is a hero because he did things a hero would do

what he did

*defeated creek worriers

*won the rank of major general

*he removed the presidential nomination

*he was instrumental in the establishment of spoils system

and many more...