Geography Assessment

by Alfin

Basic facts about the country

CAPITAL CITY- The capital city is Jakarta.

CURRENCY- The currency is called rupiah and Australia is called dollars.

NATIONAL ANTHEM- Is called Indonesia Raya.

Picture of the flag

Who created the flag? It was made by Javan Majapahit in the 13 century.

What do the symbols in the flag represents? Two horizontal red at the top and white at the bottom.

What colours have been used on the flag why? The red at the top means human blood and the white at the bottom means human spirit.

Natural features of the country

Vegetation (native plants)- Approximately 40,000 species of flowering plants as well as 5,000 species of orchids and a monster flower Rafflesia Arnoldii which is the largest flower in the world.

Native Animals- The native animals are Komodo dragon,sumateran tiger,merac,orangutan and more.

Beaches- Indonesia main beaches are Bali with white sand and a tropical water.

Mountains-The largest mountain in Indonesia is called Puncak Jaya higher than the clouds.

Rivers- some rivers in Indonesia are polluted with rubbish.

Lakes- the biggest lakes in indonesia is danau toba with lots of fish.

Climate/Weather- Indonesia almost entirely tropical climate with averaging 26°C and the mountain regions 23°C and goes up and goes down every day so is hot when its day and cold when its night.

Human Features of the country

people(population- The population in Indonesia are about 249.9 Million.

Language spoken- The language spoken are Indonesia.

Religion- Indonesia religion are Islam,Protestantism,Catholicism,Hinduism,Buddhism and Confucianism.

Cultural Traditions- The culture we do is dance using mask and cultural traditions we tell true wayang stories a wayang is like a puppet that we made.

Housing- Housing in Indonesia are made out of wood,straw and Bricks.

Education- in Indonesia all students nine years of compulsory education.

Transport- people mostly go to work on motorcycle and cars also trains,taxi and bus.

What Connection does Australia have with this country

Indonesia and Australia started relationship on the early 1640 in recent years the relationship has been growing mutual trade of $14.9 billion and increase by year.


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