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Celebrating Dr. Seuss with Some Amazing BPS Teachers Across the Globe

Classrooms around Bellevue are participating in global read alouds, global reading challenges, and collaborative book sharing in celebration of Dr. Seuss’s birthday! These activities are bringing together classrooms of students and teachers to make memorable learning experiences.

Garrett Sims created a collaborative reading padlet here where hundreds of people shared their favorite stories from their youth. His students have been fascinated to read and learn about so many authors people so fondly remember from their childhood. Sims amplified their work on Twitter, and they were all surprised when Chris Pratt joined the fun too. You can see the news link here.

Other teachers are playing Kahoot! via Google Hangouts over Dr. Seuss trivia. Josh Allen from Lewis Central Public Schools is playing "Let's Get Quizzical: Dr. Seuss Edition" with students to celebrate #ReadAcrossAmerica last week and this week. Monica Evon and Terrie Brown had their students join the fun in this playful celebration.

Jen Manning’s students are going global too. They had a great time connecting and reading with new friends in Wisconsin. They are also participating in a Global Blog Challenge for the month of March! If you have moment to stop by the blog and comment or ask a 4th grader a question please do!

In addition, Meagan Cinfel’s 1st grade students will have their first Google Hangout with students on Wednesday where a group of 5th grade students from Fremont Public Schools will be reading to them.

Secondary students are also joining the global opportunities Bree Campbell’s students are participating in "The World is My Audience" where they are submitting pieces of writing, along with students across the globe, about dreams. They are workshopping several pieces before they submit. This week they are workshopping fictional stories. The pieces they submit will be published in an iBook that anyone may download, read, and explor

Amazing Learning Opportunities

Online Classes for Second Semester

Upcoming courses for online CCU's will be Genius Hour, Teach Like A Pirate, and Social Media in the Classroom Check out the course descriptions here. Sign up ASAP to get yourself enrolled and start learning!

Edcamp Omaha

Edcamp Omaha will be March 21st at the Learning Engagement Center at UNO. The edcamp is free. Click here for more details!

#tt4t Best Tweets

If you are a tweeter, remember to tag your tweets with #tt4t so more teachers can see what is happening in your classroom. Sharing is the name of the game!
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Get Plickered!!

Plickers is a new classroom polling system which can display results in real time. The only materials you'll need to get started are paper, a printer, and a smartphone or tablet. The teacher is the only one that needs a device and the free Plickers app. Students share their answers by use of "cards". The students do not need devices. They hold up their answer and the teacher uses a smartphone or tablet to scan the answers. Teachers can share results immediately to reteach or view the results later from the data that is gathered.

Appy Time!!

Green Screen by Do Ink Make amazing green screen videos on your iPad with the Green Screen app and a green background. This app focuses on making green screen creation easy. Use this app to make your presentations come alive, explain a concept, or tell a story using still images or videos as your background. Worth the $2.99 investment.

Google Classroom Google Classroom is an app now! Teachers can manage Google Classroom directly from an ipad and students can access their class/resources/assignments all from their phone or iPad. The new update allows for the following:

  • Students and teachers can now view the About page in the mobile app for quick access to their class materials and resources

  • On iOS, students can now add images, videos, and any other files to assignments from other apps

  • Your favorite emoji are now available on the Android app [insert smiley face here]

  • We’ve made overall changes that will increase the speed of the app’s performance, so you can get your work done even faster

Mastering Your Mac Tips & Tricks

You can save a webpage as a PDF! Simply use the Safari browser and find an article you’d like to teach with. Click the reader button in the browser window and then go file>print>save as PDF.

Once you have a PDF you can use Preview to annotate the pdf to make it a more engaging document.
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Meet the #tt4t Technology Team

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New Look For!!

Be sure to check out our website It has been completely revamped and hopefully user friendly! Send us a tweet at #tt4t and let us know if you like it. Websites are always a work in progress.

District Technology Trainers

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