"Technology- allowing imagination to become reality."


To recreate a pen while making it more eco-friendly and increasing its functionality.

Current Product:

Form: A clear plastic hexagonal cylinder hollowed with a ink cartridge inside. A blue end cap and a pen tip seal off both ends and keep the pen intact.

Function: To write information on a variety of surfaces

Pen Components:

Body Tube: A cylindrical hollow plastic tube used to house the ink reservoir and provide a grip for the user to hold while operating.

End Cap: Seal off end of body tube and provide a smooth end. Cylindrical with a dome shaped end, typically tapered to fit securely into end of body tube.

Nose Cone: Cylindrical in shape with lofts between a variety of diameters primarily purpose is to center and hold ink reservoir and pen tip.

Ink Reservoir: Plastic tube which contains ink and a metal ball point tip which regulates ink flow, operation is controlled and gravity fed.

Cap: Hollowed tapered plastic cap sealed at one end, slides over operational side of pen to prevent accidental release of ink and drying out. May also be slide over end cap for storage purposes. Typically has a plastic stick protruding from open end to allow for a friction hold to keep pen in place.

Pen Dissassembly:

Step 1: Remove Cap from pen

Step 2: Remove nose cone from end of body tube, Ink reservoir will also come out with it. Be careful removing ink reservoir as ink may leak from end of tube.

Step 3: Remove end cap from body tube

Step 4: Separate any additional components.


Product Improvements: ( AND Accompanying Sketches)

Possible Improvements:

1) Bent nose cone to aid in adverse writing scenarios body will need additional grip system to aid in proper pen orientation. Prevent the lack of flow of ink when writing on a vertical surface.

2) Offset pen for left hand writers to prevent words from being covered by the hand as they are written. This could also allow the user to maintain a better horizontal alignment while writing.

3) Incorporate a USB into the pen to allow for digital storage. USB could be removable so that they may be used simultaneously.


Here you will compile a minimum 150 word summary of the project. Include things such as your overall view of the project, how you did and what you could have done better. A description of what you chose and why, as well as any other pertinent information you think should be included.