Shyima Hall's Life

This is the story of Shyima Hall, a former slave.

Early Life

In 1998, at just 8-years-old, Shyima Hall was sold into slavery by her parents in Egypt, to a wealthy Egyptian couple. But before that she lived with her Mom, Dad, and many Siblings. She moved to new apartments all the time and really didn't stay in one place for so long. Her Mom was definitely the 'leader' of the family, she was the one who made sure people had clothing and enough food for the days.

Shyimas Slave Days

Like I said before, Shyima was sold into slavery at 8, to two wealthy captors she called The Mom and The Dad. They abused her physically and mentally. They verbally abused her, naming her "Stupid Girl" and other rude things. She lived in their home with other slaves, until one day they could leave but not her.