Spanish III

Week 13 November 16-20, 2015

Unit 7

Welcome to week 13! If students are on pace with the class, they should be starting unit 7. Lessons 1-3 are due this week, with a total of 8 graded assignments. Please encourage those students who have not yet completed unit 6 to submit their work as soon as possible. Units 5-8 will close permanently on December 18th. Students have one month to complete ALL assignments from units 5-8

Students who are working off pace will have at least an entire unit to complete the week of December 14-18. Please, please encourage your students to work and get on pace now in order to avoid the stress at the last minute!


Progress grades will continue to be posted every two weeks. Please encourage your student(s) to check his/her grades frequently to make sure that work is begin submitted on time. If you have questions about your student's grade, please contact me.
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RLC sessions

All students are required to attend an RLC session for Unit 7. There are still several students who have not submitted their reflections for Unit 6 sessions. This is due by Friday!
Unit 7 sessions are offered on the following days this week:

Tuesday: 4pm, 6pm
Wednesday: 6pm
Thursday: 5pm
Friday: 5pm

Students who did not complete the unit 6 RLC have received the links to the archives in their announcements. To receive full credit, students need to view the archive, complete the reflection, and call me for a one on one discussion.
We are starting the next to last unit! it is crucial that students work each day and submit their assignments to be successful! Please contact me with any questions or concerns about your student(s)!