Royal Lovers

Henry VIII is having a mid-life crisis...

Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon need some extra love!

Now, we have heard rumors on Henry VIII wanting to divorce Catherine of Aragon for a young Lady named Anne Boylen, OMG! But do we think this is right? I mean this would be breaking the Catholic law but it would be for what he calls her his 1 true love...


But Why???

1. Henry always said that he needed a male heir to rule the country and unfortunatly Catherine is unable so give him one. The only solution to this is either to divorce Catherine or to forget his chances of having a male heir. There has been a female heir before and the country was over-ruled.

2. He was in love with Anne Boleyn and therefore was falling more and more in love with her and less and less with Catherine, giving him more of an influcence towards the idea.

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