TerraFit Week 6 Give-Away

Your Half Way There!

Get Lean Team #1

You guys are rocking this challenge!

In honor of beginning week #6, the half-way point, I will be having a give-away for the individual who has the most points for the week. I am posting this now so you have time to make sure you are prepped for success before week 6 begins next Monday 9/14.

The winner will receive their choice of one of the items below. Happy TerraFit-ing !!

Rules (there are always a few, right?)

  1. The winner will have the most overall points for the week beginning Monday 9/14 and ending Sunday 9/20
  2. All points for the week must be entered by 1159pm MST Monday 9/21
  3. The winner could have more than 700 points if they have a perfect week AND have weight loss (points are awarded for following the program and for % weight lost)

Slim & Sassy Control Bars

I thought I would share this video with you. I personally love these bars and order all 3 flavors each month. I have one every single day as one of my 6 meals and count it as a healthy serving as well. If you want to sample these let me know - I can send some your way!
Slim & Sassy Contrōl