Concussions in Football

The Details and Research

The Basics

Now, we all know that the sport of football involves hard hits and causes a lot of stress on the body. But have you really looked into how these hits can effect your brain or your head? Well, when someone hits you in the head hard enough, this can cause a concussion. What is a concussion you may ask? Well, I am here to inform the dull-minded! A concussion is defined as a temporary unconsciousness caused by a blow to the head. For example, if you were experiencing a major headache or confusion, you might have a concussion. Here is some of the symptoms of a concussion below.

1. Brief loss of consciousness after the injury.

2. Memory problems.

3. Confusion.

4. Drowsiness or feeling sluggish.

5. Dizziness.

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High School Football Concussion Statistics

High school football players are nearly twice as likely to sustain a concussion as are college players, yet it “remains unclear” as to whether repetitive head injuries can lead to long-term brain disease.

Helmets can in fact reduce the risk of injuries such as skull fractures, according to the study, “and thus the use of properly fitted helmets should be promoted.” The authors cautioned, however, that “there is limited evidence” that current helmet designs can cut the risk of concussions.

College Football Concussion Statistics

In the future there will be no helmets. There will be plastic flags flapping from their hips, attached by Velcro. Pull them off, you've made a "tackle". Pads? Only those on the walls in the back of the end zones so no one stubs a toe.

It may take 10, 20 years to adjust -- legally, medically and athletically -- but we're still going to recognize the game we love in a couple of decades. Perhaps without kickoffs. That once-outrageous concept advanced by former Rutgers coach Greg Schiano, after Eric Legrand was paralyzed, now has a bit of traction.

We're already headed that way. Thanks to rule changes, there are less kickoffs to return. Concussions on kickoffs were reduced by 50 percent last season. It's not that far a jump to eliminate them altogether by doing away with the kickoff.

NFL Football Concussions Statistics

Most concussions occur without losing consciousness.

Chronic traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) is a degenerative disease of the brain and is associated with repeated head traumas like concussions.

Among the plaintiffs in concussion-related lawsuits: Art Monk, Tony Dorsett, Jim McMahon, Jamal Anderson and Ray Easterling.

Common Symptoms of Concussions:
Memory loss
Loss of consciousness
Vision change
Hearing change
Mood change

Statistics: (NFL)
2012 - 261 diagnosed concussions during preseason and regular-season practices and games combined.

2013 - 228 diagnosed concussions during preseason and regular-season practices and games combined.