USA Going For The Gold @ Sochi 2014

Cross Country Skiing

What is Cross Country Skiing?

Cross Country Skiing (XC Skiing) is a Nordic ski touring Olympic sport where participants tread through heavy snow areas with specialized skis and poles designed to make athletes propel themselves faster. If you're interested in more information on the sport, check out the Olympic webpage at

Fun Fact

Originating in Fennoscandian countries, groups of people would use skis and poles to normally hunt animals, like deer and moose for food. Nowadays, 3 different style variations are practiced worldwide: skating. telemarketing, and skijoring, which has recently obtained more popularity
If you want to learn more about Jessie Diggins and her sense of dedication, click on the articles above and below! There might be something interesting that you might not have known!

Quote from Jessie Diggins

"One of the best parts of life as an elite athlete is traveling around the world collecting sweet photos, stories, and making friends. And then sharing the experience with others!"
Behind the Scenes With Kikkan Randall & Jessie Diggins
Diggins and Kikkan Randall are both members of Team USA
Interesting fact! Diggins and Randall won Team USA's first gold medal in a World Cup. Watch these videos and understand what it means to reach goals and succeed as a team
Randall, Diggins Make History in Quebec