American Revolution Research

King George III

He was a bad leader, appointed incompetent people in minister positions, and showed behaviors resembling corruption.

"The colonists must either submit or triumph."

Patrick Henry

He was a lawyer whose eloquent speech at the Virginia assemblies played a crucial part in the overthrow of the royally appointed Virginia government.

"Give me liberty or give me death!"

Native Americans

The Iroquois first decided to be neutral, and that the Revolutionary War was a private one between Britain and its colonies.

Soon, most of the tribes sided with England, due to their apparently overwhelming odds to win.

French and their Involvement

Lafayette, aide to Washington and a combat general, was 20 years old when he defied the king's orders and enlisted.

"Humanity has own it's battle. Liberty now has a country."

Common Sense

The book, written by Thomas Paine, was originally published anonymously.

It sold 500,000 copies.

"Time makes more converts than reason"