Hoot Hoot Herald

September 28, 2015


Attendance: Regarding tardy slips- Please ensure that if a child arrives late, that they come to the office for a tardy slip! The office needs that tardy slip to document the change from absent to tardy.

Also all parent notes must be a physical note with the parent signature on it. Emails are not accepted for parent notes.

Teacher Daily Schedules and Afternoon Destination forms are needed in the office (if you haven't submitted yours already) ASAP. This information is vital! Thank you.

If you need assistance with getting Living Tree up and running, please email me. Living Tree is the communication tool that I use with parents, so it's important that parents are signed up and are used to using this tool. I am happy to assist you in posting pictures or text!

Flu shots will be given on October 6 from 2:45 - 3:45 in the lounge. Free to staff!

Make sure you sign up for PDAS!

Flu Shots October 6th

  • A Pharmacist will be at Doss on 10/06/2015 from 2:45 to 3:45.
  • We will bill Aetna for all covered employees that wish to be vaccinated and 100% of the cost of the shot will be covered.
  • In order to receive a free flu shot, all employees covered by Aetna insurance will need to present their Aetna ID card at the time of the clinic.
  • For employees without Aetna insurance I can collect $12.00 at the time of service (exact cash or check with ID is needed),
  • We are able to vaccinate anyone 7 years and older without a prescription. If someone under the age of 7 needs a vaccination we will need a pediatrician's prescription (please note that the youngest we can vaccinate is 4 years old due to indications of the vaccine)
    • We will arrive 10 minutes prior to our start time to set up.
    • Dependents and spouses covered on Aetna are welcome.
    • We will bring extra vaccine in case there is larger than expected turn out so there is no worry about running out of vaccine.
    • It is not necessary to have the employees fill out the attached form (both sides needed) but it does tend to help the clinic flow more smoothly if they have had a chance to review the documents prior to clinic date. I will bring extras in case there are any difficulties.

Staff Allowances Deadline Near!

It is last call for the staff allowance from the PTA that was placed in your box at the beginning of the year. All forms are due in the PTA box (in office) no later then Wednesday, September 30! Any questions? Please check with Julie Choyce at president@dosspta.org.

Music Schedule

October 13th 6:30-7:30pm 5th Grade Choir Concert with Hill Choir @ Doss Cafeteria

October 29th 9:15-10:30am Austin Jazz Workshop Concert @ Doss (for 3rd-5th grade)

December 3rd 8:30am (5th, 1st, 3rd (am specials), Kinder) 1:30pm (2nd, 3rd (pm specials), 4th), 6:30pm (families & friends) 5th Grade Musical!

AISD Insurance Enrollment

As previously announced, Open Enrollment for benefit plans will be held during October 2015. All plans will be effective January 1, 2016.

Enrollment is mandatory for those employees who waive medical coverage. If medical coverage is declined, it must be declined every year. Additionally, if you participate in Health Care or Dependent Care FSA, you MUST re-elect a new contribution amount every year to continue to participate.

For those employee who wish to have all current elections, except for FSA, remain the same for 2016, no action is required. Your benefits will roll forward for 2016. However, please keep in mind rates have changed for some of the medical plans so it is always advisable to review your benefit plans each year.

Inscripción de beneficios para el 2016 durante el mes de octubre

Como se anunció previamente, la inscripción para los planes de beneficios se llevará a cabo en octubre de 2015. Todos los planes serán efectivos el 1º de enero de 2016.

La inscripción es obligatoria para aquellos empleados que deniegan los beneficios ofrecidos. Si se rechaza cualquier plan médico ofrecido, debe hacerlo cada año. Además, si usted participa en FSA o el cuidado de dependientes de la FSA , debe volver a elegir a un nuevo monto de la contribución cada año para seguir participando . Si usted participa actualmente en una FSA de Salud o una FSA para dependientes, debe volver a elegir una nueva cantidad de su contribución cada año para seguir participando.

Para los empleados que desean mantener los mismos beneficios para el 2016, a excepción del FSA, no se requiere ninguna acción. Sus beneficios continuarán hacia adelante para el año 2016. Sin embargo, tenga en mente las tasas han cambiado para algunos de los planes médicos por lo que siempre es aconsejable revisar sus planes de beneficios cada año.

Read Naturally Note

We still have room for more students in Read Naturally.

Remember that this is a proven approach to building reading proficiency.

  • ​helps students become fluent readers and make solid gains in comprehension and vocabulary through fluency development
  • motivates students to read
  • increases self-esteem and confidence
  • supports ELL

It requires 2, 30 minute sessions per week run by parent volunteers and is a fluid program. I understand it's difficult to have the "revolving door" in your classroom. When you have a student that is not reading on grade level, all areas of the curriculum suffer. It is worth having them go to a proven intervention for a short time.

Stephanie Eddleton and I will be taking names until next Tuesday, September 29th. Let us know what days and times work best for you and we will work to match volunteers.


Laura Lauck

Marathon Kids Information from the Coaches

It is that time of year again! Marathon kids will be kicking off. This year things will be a little different. We will as a school be running 4 marathons this year during our WOW time and any other time the students have time to run.

Marathon Kids have two ways to track it, you as a class or individual students. You can track by time of running or walking- 10 minutes walking will equal 1 mile. Marathon kickoff will be Saturday October 17,2015 at 10 am .

We will be getting a bus for students and parents who want to go the event.

Then new track outside is great! We have measured it- 7 laps equal a mile. so please enjoy running or walking with our students.

Counselor Corner

  • We will continue meeting with your class during your library time to watch The Dot video and then go into your classroom for about 30 minutes for the students to make their dots. If you have not signed up for a time for us to come to your class, please do so.
  • Please continue to reinforce the message behind The Dot, Make a Mark and See Where It Takes You! We sent you the link to a fun song that goes with the book. During down time in class, you could play it for your students.
  • Dot Day is Friday, 10/2 - everyone is encouraged to wear dots.
  • During the week of Sept. 28, your team leads will receive a sign up sheet for Classroom Guidance.
  • In October, we will focus on "Superheroes..I've Got the Power" to have self-control, to show respect toward others and yourself and to have tolerance.


No Hassle Fundraiser

The PTA needs our help!! They are significantly behind in fund raising through the No Hassle Fund Raiser.

Please send a message to your parents as soon as you are able to encourage them to donate what they can to this fund raiser. Here's some language to help you...

Dear Parents:

I am writing to encourage you to donate to the Doss PTA No Hassle Fund Raiser. The funds created by this once a year fund raiser are critical to Doss Elementary teachers. The PTA budget for the 2015-2016 school year is established based on projections of donations and historical norms. The PTA is currently significantly behind where we were last year in these fund rasiing efforts. Without the projected funds, the PTA budget will have to cut programs and support to teachers. We need your help! Please give what you can and what you feel comfortable with. It all goes to Doss and it funds teacher support in a big way.

Go Dosspta.org and click on the No Hassle Fund Raiser Banner.

Thanks in advance for your help!