Checks and Balances

The constitution

What is the Checks and Balances

It is a system established by the constitution that prevents any branch of government from becoming to powerful an dbeing able to control everything. It also helps keep order within the 3 branches. It helps to make sure that no one branch can take over the others.

How do they help us

They help us by making sure that we the people have an equal say in what happens to the laws. It also helps that even though the president is the leader of the united states he cant controll us on his own because of the Checks and Balences. Congress has the power to pass laws but if the president vetos it or rejects it then it will not become a law, but congress can take it back change it and propose it again.

Judicial branch, Legislative branch, Executive branch

Checks and balances

An example of the checks and balances is were the congress can make laws and propose them but the president can veto it, but if congress thinks that the proposed law is really good then they can override the veto and make it a law.

Hayden Abdon 8th grade