Someone Named Eva

Joan M. Wolf

Brooke Bailey

Historical References

  • When adults get together they talk about how Hitler is mean and awful. How nobody knows what he is going to do next. Some people will spit everytime they say his name.
  • Be safe and do what you are told to do.

Main Character

Milada is a girl that just turned 12. The Nazis take her dad and her brother to one place and her mom, grandmother, sister, and her to another place. Then take her to one more place. I think that Milada is confident and strong because she is being trained to be German under harsh rules.

My Opinion of the Book

I think that this book is a great way to find out information about World War 2. It tells you what happened to people even if they aren't Jewish. You can learn new words like, Ja is Yes, Nien is No, Vater is Father, Mutter is Mother, and Kinder is Childern.

Main Setting

The book took place in Czechoslovakia during World War 2.

A Major Problem the Main Character Faced

Milada was taken away from her family and at that place she was taken to, her and 13 other girls were being transformed into German Women. At the same time she didn't really over come the problem. Also she has to remember who is is and where she came from.


  • "Remember who you are, Milada. Remember where you came from. Always." Those were the words her grandmother said to her as the Nazis came and moved them out of the house.
  • "Eva!" said Fraulein Kruger. "No." I said forcefully. "My name is Milada." this is what she said to the teacher when they were being renamed.
  • "You are blessed to be chosen as Aryan children, sent by God to serve Hitler and save the world from the Jewish scourge." Is what thye were told the first time the got relocated to be German Women.